Clasp Around My Waist: How to Make and Love Waistbeads

14 thoughts on “Clasp Around My Waist: How to Make and Love Waistbeads”

  1. Hi there. I am wondering if you can help me resolve my waist bead issue.
    I just made my first one and once i put it on i was so disappointed as it pinches the tiny hairs on my body. I am wondering is there are certain beads you use and certain beads you dont use. The ones i used are matt black from preciosa czech beada (

    Thanks so much


    1. If it pinches, I can guess two possibilities – the strand was not tied tightly at the end, allowing the beads to slide and catch the hairs. Or, the strand is too small, and tight on your waist.

      I suggest threading a new needle with long thread, and slipping it thru the strand as-is. Cut the original strand once the new thread is thru, and slide out the old thread. Make sure that the finishing knot is tight against the beads, so that they can’t slide and pinch.

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  2. Love this story! I just got my beads in the mail and I am so excited!! I’ve wanted Them for a really long time –

    But I don’t have a clasp! I didn’t know I didn’t need one I appreciate it this . How can I reinforce my strings though ?!


    1. Hi Crystal. Is the string long enough to still tie around your waist? Is it cloth string?

      If so, tie it around you snuggly (but not too tight, of course). Then, reinforce the knot by adding a dot of clear nail polish. That should help.


  3. Omg! I’ve been searching for the right string to make these for my friends & I forever!!! Finally got to the perfect article! Thank you! Very helpful. I’ll be beading soon!

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