The Orisha Pantheon @ Nerd Nite Orlando

6 thoughts on “The Orisha Pantheon @ Nerd Nite Orlando”

  1. Fantastic presentation, great energy ! I could tell before you mentioned who your mother was in Ifa worship – I knew it just had to be Ochun. Maferefun Obatala y Maferefun Ochun!! I’m a Lukumí practioner crowned with Elegba over 10 years watching this presentation reminded me how important it is to share Ifa / Lukumí wisdom . I’d love to learn more about Ifa practices in correlation with Lukumí practice.
    I’m curious where is this nerd nite held?

    Obba kilona


    1. Heeeey Baba, thanks! Bendición! This event was in Orlando, but there are a few across the country. Check it

      I’m still learning about the divisions of Ifa/Lucumi myself, and so far I noticed that the practice in the West has mixtures of Ifa, Lucumi, and hoodoo ritual. Once I get to Yorubaland, I’ll report back what I learn. But if you get there before me, let me know what you find out!


      1. Santo! Que eleggua simpre te bendiga! I agree with you there are so many similarities between western ifa/ Lukumí practices and ifa . It’s amazing that throuout all these years Ifa / Lukumí faith have been able to maintain its faith system and practices. It’s testament of our faith !

        I always find it interesting when speaking with elders in Cuba about Luckumi practices and how they differ from here in the USA to those taught it Cuba. I’m looking forward to reaching yorubaland some day as well. Perhaps, eleggua can open our paths to get there.


  2. Hi Ama, this is Emma. We met after your talk. Again, amazing job! I’d love to learn some more about Ida. Where should I start?


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