Dating While Holy: All Fire, No Quench

7 thoughts on “Dating While Holy: All Fire, No Quench”

  1. Ummmm. Is there more to this?! You must be prepping us for a part 2 (wink).

    I kinda really, no absolutely needed to read this today. Similar experiences lately. We’ll be rapping about this sooooon.

    Sending love and gratitude and lots and lots of jujumagic!
    Muahz dahhhrlingk

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    1. It always means the WORLD when my words reach someone’s needs and heart! Part 2?! LOL naaahhh. I guess the moral of the story is, my whole sex life flipped. Buh bye to the pseudo hottentot. Peace out to that young girl in heat, searching for bones in every yard. Ocha cooled me down, against my will at first. But I now accept the change 👳🏿


    1. No, he’s not! But this is perfectly fine. Check out my first post “Beyonce & a Bubble Bath” to see what came of that.

      I’m glad that you liked this story. What about sex and spirituality are you trying to figure out?

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      1. Sexual freedom and acceptance is really an uphill climb… Especially for women. You might love a book about spirituality & sexuality, which is my lifetime favorite – “Sex Matters: Sex to Superconsciousness” by Osho. This book SAVED me


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