Part 1: No, I wasn’t r****

7 thoughts on “Part 1: No, I wasn’t r****”

  1. Jade. The Nigerian diplomat’s son. And so he reminded me, to drive home the fact that there would be no punishment for him. For three months after, I feared he had given me AIDS as I tried to make it through my semester after returning from being abroad in Ghana. Finally, the results came back. I didn’t have AIDS. Because God blessed me to live through that, I promised Him I would tell everybody I could, tell them that you can thrive after rape.

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  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I know u know this but I also know you’re strong and you’re beautiful. More importantly you’re powerful and you haven’t let this define you negatively. Keep smiling.


  3. After reading this I am stuck, motionless. As your big/older sister, I want to reach out to you and hold you and protect you. I didn’t know. It reminds me of a similar situation that I experienced-different, but the same. He was familiar and we were both intoxicated-in and out of consciousness. I hid and slept under the bed…And for me I just keep it in a dark closet in the back of my mind one that I do not open. Sometimes when it cracks open upon itself, I find excuses and reasons to remain Forgiving. But right now I am motionless because I just want to reach out to my little sister and remind her that her body, mind, spirit, and soul are all loved. Never will I understand why men do this. Never will I understand why women like myself remain silent. Let the healing begin.


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