i b story tellin’

   A few months ago, a woman asked me – “What do you want to do?!” in reference to the haze that had become my career.  “I want to write,” I responded.  Some weeks prior to her asking, I had committed to saying aloud “I’m a writer” at least 100x each day…because repetition is the … Continue reading i b story tellin’

Now Twerkin’: Introducing Janelle Monáe’s “Yoga”

Krishna take the wheel!!!!!!!!!!! Duchess of Planet Earth, Janelle Monáe, just dropped a new single yesterday called “Yoga”. Why do I love it? Why let me tell you! Because Janelle Monáe touches me in a special place. The ArchAndroid is solely responsible for my graduate degree. Because I love yoga. Community yoga preferred. Nothing like getting … Continue reading Now Twerkin’: Introducing Janelle Monáe’s “Yoga”