Where Does the Name “Ama” Come From?

A summer Florida morning served as the backdrop for a business-ish meeting between new girlfriends and young lady bawses. Starbucks and laughter, discussions on marriage, relationships, expressions of femininity, and personal dreams took precedent over laptops and notebooks for more than half of our time together, but sometimes business is less about numbers and more about building relationships. … Continue reading Where Does the Name “Ama” Come From?

Nudity is the Answer – My Birthday at JeJu Bath House

Pre-Gaming On Friday night, I went to bed with little interest in my 28th birthday. I was tired from the week of moving to Atlanta and put-putting from state-to-state in order to establish a new and solid footing. In my first week, i’d visited apartment complexes, applied for a new place, saw the initial round of family … Continue reading Nudity is the Answer – My Birthday at JeJu Bath House

Selfish People

While in graduate school, I was once “in love” with a young man who was set on being a bum. Or perhaps he wasn’t a bum…but an opportunist. I used to operate on this principle that because I had, and others did not, then it was my God-given duty to give unto them, too. So … Continue reading Selfish People