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  1. Hello my name is Danielle Walker . I have recently read your article about dating a white. I am the founder of Racism Lives Here at the University of Missouri. I am currently engaged to a white man. I would love to discuss more the intersectionality of the black strong woman image and the cultural clash of being with a white man. Especially leading such a public movement. I have not found a venue where I can discuss the pressures of maintaining ” black love” and being an activist for my community. Hope I hear from you.

    In power,


      1. Hi Ama, probably not the best place to inform you about this but after reading your article about dating a white man I decided to scroll through your site a bit. Here I discovered that both your ABOUT-page and your HIRE ME-page give a message that says “OOOOPS, something went wrong”. Especially impractical for the HIRE ME-page I should think.

        Loved your article by the way, made me cry…

        Regards, Ewout.


  2. You’re the wind beneath my wings! I read your article about you dating a White guy and I want you to know that I’m a huge fan of your’s now. Wow you were really brave for going against the grain and dating outside of your race. I’m a White guy from rural North Carolina, and I have rebelled against my conservative, religious upbringing. I can say that conservative White people on the East Coast, West Coast, The North, or the South do not appreciate my thoughts and ideas on racial, environmental, and socioeconomic justice. I live 30 min from San Francisco, CA and I have vowed to fight racism in a head on battle through discussion, debate, and education. DISCUSS! DEBATE! EDUCATE!

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  3. Earth, wind, fire and water, you are all woman and your work is deeply appreciated…….love, peace and joy……you are a guide to remind us that happiness is already us and our lives come to show us that…..


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