How Will I Fly? 

Change…my life path number. One of the only things in life guaranteed to us. Stability. Hasn’t been much of that surrounding me on the outside in recent months…but I’ve been maintaining my spiritual center. There is no perfect time to start your life or your dream, you know. There will always be a bill, and … Continue reading How Will I Fly? 

My Reason for Rebellion

 February was a doozy, and i’m happy for March. This morning, i’m reflecting on a convo with my Dad on Christmas: Me: Dad, I want to be Powerful. That’s my word for the year. Dad: But baby, you already are. Me: I don’t mean like the Power of prayer or Power of my emotions….rather, … Continue reading My Reason for Rebellion


I find that I’m at the precipice of a lifestyle change. Or already going through one. My opinions are changing, and some stances solidifying. I’m standing on my square and witnessing it morph into a cube. I always say… I have no answers. But I’m ever finding that I indeed have a few. 1) This … Continue reading 28