If I said that I never worry about money, I’d be a liar. And I don’t do lying well at all. I just realized, while lying down and prepping for the night’s slumber, that my money worries are much like all of my worries – subconscious, and the seed of my anxieties. They seep and … Continue reading $-4.77

How Will I Fly? 

Change…my life path number. One of the only things in life guaranteed to us. Stability. Hasn’t been much of that surrounding me on the outside in recent months…but I’ve been maintaining my spiritual center. There is no perfect time to start your life or your dream, you know. There will always be a bill, and … Continue reading How Will I Fly? 

Where Does the Name “Ama” Come From?

A summer Florida morning served as the backdrop for a business-ish meeting between new girlfriends and young lady bawses. Starbucks and laughter, discussions on marriage, relationships, expressions of femininity, and personal dreams took precedent over laptops and notebooks for more than half of our time together, but sometimes business is less about numbers and more about building relationships. … Continue reading Where Does the Name “Ama” Come From?