Fall In Love

Fall in Love during the winter. When it’s cold and bleak. When life isn’t pretty and the air smells grey. Fall in Love before everything is in bloom. When life is raw and biting. When numb fingers stroke you, and blistered imperfect lips kiss your back. Fall in love when it isn’t easy, and make … Continue reading Fall In Love

Touch It

“Sex is my spirituality.” In the half of an episode that I watched of “Girlfriends”, I remember the character Lynn making this confession during a monologue. I stored the message, and never needed to watch the show again. It just made sense to me this week. Since I stopped being a Christian, I’ve released the stigma … Continue reading Touch It

Selfish People

While in graduate school, I was once “in love” with a young man who was set on being a bum. Or perhaps he wasn’t a bum…but an opportunist. I used to operate on this principle that because I had, and others did not, then it was my God-given duty to give unto them, too. So … Continue reading Selfish People